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Become a Partner

To become a member of the APAT, you should send us:

1. Application for Adhesion to the APAT (Required Documentation)

2. SEPA Form  (Required Documentation)


If you want to be on the webside, you will need to send us...:

1. Five high-resolution photos which best define you. The photos should be the following sizes:
750 pixels x 500 pixels or 800px x 533px or 1000px x 667px or 1500px x 1000px
2. Logo
3. A 10-line description of your business in Catalan, Spanish, English and French
4. Business address
5. Contact phone number (non-personal)
6. Contact email address (non-personal)
7. Establishment website

If you have any special offers, send them to us with the start and end dates and we will post them for you.

If you are looking for staff, send us the employee profile and we will post it for you.


If you have any suggestions, we will be glad to hear them.

Remember, any query or request for clarification should be sent to:

APAT Cadaqués   

Partner Promotions